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Social Media Marketing is not new in businesses anymore. It has the power to produce global real time results and simultaneously impact each single companies’ stakeholders: generating brand awareness, reputation, trends, one2one interactions, prompt feedback, leads, sales, innovation, valuable information for decision making and so much more. Today we are all players in an intelligent and interconnected world at all levels and in all fields. In this context, grab attention, keep our story sound and uncorrupted, and conquer a lasting engagement with critical stakeholders is a challenge.

Always attentive to digital innovation, CATCH develops state of the art strategies as Gamification to obtain high engagement levels and retain the attention of internal and/or external audiences, by providing them unique interactive digital experiences in a funpositive and impactful way!
And why it works? Because nowadays Stakeholders demand experiences that reward and offer them unique and “personalized” relationships with their favorite brands.

Recent studies (Precison Marketing) shows that:

  • 60% of the current marketing is not relevant or targeted
  • 50% of consumers turn off from their brands because they find them irrelevant
  • 41% of consumers consider breaking a relationship with a brand if impacted with irrelevant messages

 It is estimated that 1 billion people spend at least an average of 1 hour per day playing games! Why not use game mechanics to accelerate business culture, incentives and rewards and stimulate motivation in a short time?

Did you thought about using digital engagement strategies in your brand strategy to encourage the relationship / communication with your different stakeholders? Provoke them! Intrigue them, find their interests, make them feel fun and above all rewarded for the results achieved! Design challenges and incentives that engage them! Defy them to look for information about your brand, visit your shop, play a game of your brand or simply to share content with friends and communities to whom they belong.
And how to attract them? Simple. By assigning game mechanics in non-game fun and creative contexts, and reward with points, virtual badges, discounts, recognition in leaderboards or other.

At CATCH we offer an an integrated set of Communications and Marketing services in the areas of online digital engagement strategies, in social networks and web design geared towards accessibility, usability and effectiveness.