"Availability, flexibility to combine ideas and high interest in the client's business. All this filled with the right dose of innovation. This is how it is with the CATCH team, a highly enriching creative process, dynamic and fun!"

Nuno Jacinto - Commercial Director Corporate ALD Automotive Portugal

"CATCH has sought to fully understand our business, offer and target, always defending the best in terms of strategy and communication positioning, in order for us to stand out in the market, also in terms of content, format and materials. They have revealed themselves to be a true business partner; their shrewdness and involvement with the customer results in a highly creative and productive process of development, and in a final product that exceeds expectations."

Natalina Magro - Head of Strategic Development Department SISCOG

"Totally focused on customer needs, always trying to connect them to more innovative solutions. This fact, combined with availability makes CATCH a great partner not only in the present but certainly for the future." Gonçalo Vaz Osório – Founding Partner "The ability to adapt and innovate to the different and specific needs of its customers, makes CATCH a key partner for our strategy." Rui Esperança - Founding Member

"We choose CATCH to develop a gamification solution for the participation policies of our company. We identified by the game results, which employees of certain stores need more training and in what specific areas. Combining playful issues with learning / training and the identification of improvement needs, is a very interesting result about this tool. "."

Pedro Morais Barbosa - Head of Corporate Communication and RSA AKI Portugal